The Resveratrol Compound and what's Referenced as the Paradox of the French Culture Studied By Scientists

Resveratrol has been tied to many different positive effects on human body over the last decade. There have been 100s of research tests conducted completed showing different effects to the substance, which is made naturally in grapes among various types of vegetation. But can the resveratrol molecule additionally make sense of the French Paradox?


You might be wondering what the French Paradox is. It is an effect that has been coined to talk about the surprisingly low suffering of heart disease in countries such as France, even though the typical diet in the region being extremely heavy on saturated fats. This is clearly opposed to the common understanding that dietary intakes heavy in saturated fat cause heart diseases including high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart blockages and more.

The French Paradox has additionally been tied to a few different regions, including Greece, Italy and Spain. What is the common factor with these regions? It is their high consumption of red wine and red wine specifically could house the solution to the entire paradox.

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Red wine contains high quantities of the resveratrol molecule, which has been proven to offer many stellar results. One of the foremost supporters on the resveratrol molecule, David Sinclair, performed an experiment on lab rats which found that mice eating high quantities of the resveratrol molecule experienced no negative consequences from a heavy in saturated fat nutritional program while other mice in the experiment experienced many unhealthy consequences. Additionally, the resveratrol molecule has been demonstrated to lead to effects that are identical to a caloric restriction program, and could actually extend human lifespan.

Considering the scientific evidence that show that the resveratrol molecule prevents the bad results of a heavy in saturated fat nutritional program, and the occurence of the resveratrol molecule in wine, a clear path can be made between the resveratrol molecule and the French Paradox itself. Resveratrol is as a result thought to be the catalyst for the French Paradox and the commonly healthy lifestyles of residents from a handful of European-Mediterranean regions even considering their seemingly unhealthy diets.

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More experiments have to be performed on the subject however, as no direct link has been found to be absolutely true. Some researchers actually believe that the French Paradox doesn't exist, and that heart ailments are under reported in these regions. Others believe that saturated fat doesn't have direct links to heart problems. However, there is a growing group of tests that demonstrate the coronary beneficial effects of the resveratrol molecule. Seeing how it's so readily taken in wine in regions connected to the French Paradox, it must be taken strongly.

Therefore the resveratrol molecule is plainly tied to the mystery that is the French Paradox. When additional experiments are performed, a more all inclusive comprehension will be available not solely for the resveratrol molecule, but for the complete French Paradox and how the two things are connected.


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